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Visit From Main Street Ministries On August 21st

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Visit From Main Street Ministries On August 21st

Posted on Wed, Aug 3, 2011

Do you know how to live your faith at your 9 to 5? Is your workplace a challenge to live your faith or even speak about it? Come at 10:00am to our regular worship time at church to hear Sabra Dyas tell us how to live a faith life at work. Brunch will follow the service with more information from sabra & her husband Cliff.


Main Street Ministries has a special calling to help people deal with the challenges of living a life of faith in the workplace. The obstacles may sometimes seem daunting, but the rewards of a 24/7 spirit-filled life are incredible. We are called to be lights and many places of business seem so dark and cold. It is amazing how people tell us of co-workers who were once hostile to the Gospel are drawn to the light simply by seeing believers live their faith through their work.


It's not about preaching at work or confrontation. It's simply a matter of taking your personal life from 8 to 5 and handing it over to God. The workplace ministry is designed to help people learn how to deal with difficult circumstances at work or simply live a devoted work life. We help you understand that work can be worship and we also help you deal with sensitive situations that may seem impossible to overcome. You'll learn how evangelism can be done without preaching a single word and you'll see how the testimony of your faith can be lived out through your labors 
Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel to all ends of the world. We don't have to go to work and preach a sermon to do that. Sabra & Cliff will help us be the faithful servant of Christ in our day to day workplace.
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